Hello World! (And lacy invites)

Since we started planning our wedding last year I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog sharing all of my inspiration. Now that the wedding is just months away, I figure it’s better late than never! And instead of a lengthy description detailing all my plans to date, I wanted to jump right in with my current project: INVITATIONS!

The great debate… to go crafty or all printed?

Option #1: Go Crafty (I am completely in love with invitations using lacy elements) This look and feel is oh so charming and the lace is very in line with our “Theme”… but the thought of all of the cutting and gluing is not so delightful.

Option #2: Buy Online to match Theme! These pretty invitations from David’s Bridal still incorporate the delicate lacy pattern but NO cutting and pasting are required. However the personal touch is missing.

And my other question… how important is the addition of a photo? Or do photos tend to ruin the designs? I would love to include a faded out image of us… but this may not be possible with my choice of invitation.

In my experience, people are either pro crafty and DIY for invitations, or they scorn crafty looking invites as “homemade” and prefer the clean and professional look of printed invites. I fall somewhere in the middle – so somebody… weigh in, and help me decide 🙂